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Bulk Article Writing Service- Things to Look For

December 7, 2013
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Creating a large number of articles in a short amount of time is easy if you use a bulk article writing service. They employ a large number of freelance writers who can create quality content for you in a hurry. However, there are some disadvantages to using a bulk article writing service and you should keep them in mind when deciding between using them and hiring an individual freelance writer to complete your project. You will sometimes find that a bulk article writing service will be guilty of keyword jamming.

Keyword jamming is when the specific keyword for the article is used more than it should be just to reach a specific keyword density. The bulk article writing service will sometimes care more about how many times a keyword is used as opposed to how a keyword flows in the article. This can cause issues as readers will not enjoy the content and click away from the article in a hurry. Google will pick up on this and not give the article proper page ranking because of it. As a bulk article writing service will employ several writers at the same time, you could run into a situation where your article order is divided among them. This is not a problem if you are just looking for simple back links. However, if you are looking for quality content to post on your site, you will have many different writing styles from different people. The flow of your website content will be confusing and you will not be able to convert or retain as many visitors as if you had the same writing style throughout.

A forum posting service will also often engage in the practice of fluffing. When an article is fluffed, it is filled with useless prepositional phrases or extended sentences that should have been shorter than they are. This is done as the service is trying to hit a specific word count. If they have an article that is 380 words and needs to be 450, they will often fluff the article with useless content in order to reach their word count. Google is good at picking up on this and will not give much weight to your keywords within the article as their algorithm will know that it is strictly an SEO article with no valuable content.

Quality content is something that will not only cause you problems with Google page rank, but can also because you to throw your money down the drain with a bulk article writing service. Articles that do not contain quality content will not get visited that often or forwarded on by those who find the article useful. It will drop in page ranking because of it and people will fail to click the back links in the article. It will end up in the article graveyard faster than it would have taken you to hire a personal freelance writer to do your project.

If you are looking to establish bulk backlinks, a bulk article writing service can be your best friend. Keep in mind that you should watch out for certain pitfalls that you do not have to expect from an individual freelance writer. Watch out for these issues to ensure that you made a good investment with any bulk article writing service that you decide to use.

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